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The traditional floor plan features a U-Shaped Sofa Bed Dinette that converts into a 70”x73” sleeping area, 3 overhead cabinets above the sofa on the rear wall.  The front features a sink, 2-burner stove, tall shirt closet and cabinetry.


This floor plan features the L shaped countertop in the front complete with sink, 2-burner stove and ample cabinetry – both overhead and underneath the counter.  More storage is available in the deep ceiling to floor cabinetry on the rear wall.

Q Floorplan

Get the best of both worlds – a hybrid of the L and U floor plans, the Q offers the same front kitchen area as the L floor plan while enjoying the sofa sleeper dinette and rear cabinetry as the U floor plan.  The front stargazer window is available in both the L & Q.


Love the T@B but can’t  pull the trigger without a restroom?  Here’s your answer.  The S Model offers the traditional U-Floorplan with respect to both kitchen and sleeping areas, but you trade out your cabinet and climate control footprint for a wet bath – giving you the ability for showering as well.  Should you wish to add an AC system, it will be placed in a ceiling mounted cabinet that will not compromise the sleeping area.  Should you opt for the Coolcat, the sleeping area will be reduced by 24” x 24”. View the new S-Floorplan plumbing system diagram (PDF) effective on builds April 2013 and after.


Maximize the inside area of your T@B while enjoying nature while you cook outdoors!  The Clamshell model was birthed from the traditional teardrop trailers where you set up your kitchen out of the rear of your camper.  Convert the inside space to seating (and storage) to create more room or a place for your pet.  The Clamshell also offers you the ability add a restroom – just like the S-Floor.