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T@B Teardrop Trailers

Welcome to the home of the T@B teardrop camper travel trailer. Please take some time and absorb all that this unique trailer has to offer.

The T@B is unlike any other light weight camper on the market. Originally inspired by the classic teardrop camper trailer, the T@B takes teardrops to the next level by adding bright colors, standing room, sleek lines and many amenities. All of this was done while staying significantly below the 2000 lb threshold - something that no other similarly designed trailer has been able to do.

Since its introduction to the American public in 2003, the T@B has garnered more than its fair share of head turning as well as fanatics. When US production halted in 2009, it was met with an outcry to bring the T@B back. In 2011, that call was answered.

What's New:

Effective August 2013, the following items will be incorporated on all new build T@Bs:

Alde Heat System

110-LP Water Heater & Central Heat. This is an upscale, modern, forward, convenient system that is used on upper echelon campers in Europe. It allows for 'off-grid' camping while maintaining hot water and central heat.

Wet Bath Availability

In addition to the S-Model, the wetbath can now be added to the Clamshell (CS). The bath will set in the same area as the S. A ceiling/wall mounted AC is optional.

Black Tank

6 Gallon Black Tank on S or CS-S Models. The black tank formerly doubled as a gray tank and accepted gray water in initial S models. In early 2013, we changed it and now a separate black tank (6 gal) accepts the waste while the gray tank (19 gal)accepts shower and sink run-off.

Deluxe Italian Stove

Manufactured by SMEV and distributed by Dometic, this upper end, hinged, inset, 2 Burner Range with Glass Cover offers higher quality and functionality while increasing the interior aesthetics.

Electric Brakes

There are several reasons we have elected to employ Electric Brakes:

  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Reduces the possibility of user error
  • Reduces the tongue weight by 15 lbs
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Introducing the T@bitha!

Click here for a PDF spec sheet of this exciting new line from T@B!

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Owner's Manual (PDF)

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